A revolution in electronic music culture

8 Hours of continuous music performed by 1 single band: The Subs. Live and DJ all through the night.

For years now, The Subs are pioneers in bringing dance music live in a large scale festival environment, but everything started in the clubs. The Subs grew from DJ act into a Decks and FX into a full blown live band.

And now the time has come to combine this expertise into one experience that lasts from dusk till dawn. Pieces of DJ set, Live set and anything in between are patched together into an 8 hour trip that captivates the audience. There’s always something new happening. Combining own material, remixes, guest vocals, bootleg versions and club releases that tick the box, this type of clubbing experience brought to you by one single band, is something truly fresh and innovative.

An accurate term is yet to be invented. Should we call this a HYBRID? A musical TRIATHLON? A live band ALL NIGHTER?

From DUSK TILL DAWN, The Subs do justice to their status of Belgian electronic music pioneers and prove once again that music is the new religion.